Capturing brief moments in time on film, as the elements converge. Images of our great landscape, completely untouched by humanity. We are given a glimpse into both the past before human existence and into the future, long after our extinction.

Ron’s deep love for the Canadian wilderness was influenced by his parents, forced to flee Czechoslovakia in 1968 during the Russian occupation. They settled in Orillia, Ontario, a small city bordering the Canadian shield. Ron’s childhood and formative years were spent fishing, swimming, boating, and climbing rocks throughout the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay. When Ron and his family relocated to Kitchener, ON, he would long for the nature and wilderness he had developed a great appreciation for as a child. From this love of nature, arose Ron’s passion for landscape photography.

Ron’s journey began with early solo canoe trips into the rugged Canadian Shield of Northern Ontario, in his early twenties. This eventually led to multiple cross-Canada expeditions, resulting in over 250 000 km of travel and a myriad of fascinating experiences – both blissful and sometimes chilling. Canada – The Light on Our Land is a 23 year photographic solo journey, Ron Smid’s pursuit to connect Canadians – coast to coast to coast, through light.

It is our landscape that truly unifies all of us as Canadians. It is far greater than any of us or our creations; and is the foundation of our country, our culture, and all of our endeavours. In our modern society, we have lost our appreciation for this source of our culture.
Ron’s mission is simple, to move people into change. His goal is to compel Canadians to help steer the fate of humanity, by realising the true beauty and importance of our natural world. His unwavering faith that every Canadian can be awestruck by the land they are standing on has driven him throughout his journey.

Ron possesses a deep commitment, passion, and religious faith that analogue is the most authentic way to capture and relay this information. Using film and his traditional wood camera, with only natural light, is organic and closest to both nature and ourselves.
Convergence is a unifying theme in Ron’s work. Convergence of light, water, movement, all coming together in a certain way at one precise moment in time. Nature will not be forced, Ron is a bystander, waiting for these moments to occur. It can take several hours, days, or even years to capture an image at just the right moment.