In the world of Canadian artist Ric Kokotovich, no image is sacred. All are malleable and transient. All are fair game. They are created, then fragmented, reduced, degraded, recombined and re-imagined. Kokotovich explores themes of decay and rebirth, sometimes literally, sometimes through clues hidden in the history of pixels. His work walks a line between intention and discovery, between abstraction and representation. It is sometimes romantic, often sensual and always surprising.

Kokotovich began his career as a documentary photographer, mounting his first solo show in 1984. Over the next decade Ric received enthusiastic reviews for his exhibitions in Calgary, Prague and San Francisco. He then turned his attention to film-making where he garnered attention for Claire, which was nominated for a Canadian Genie Award, and Beauty Crowds Me, which screened at many prestigious festivals around the world. Beauty Crowds Me was also part of an exhibition of Bravo films that showed at MOMA in New York. Ric’s dramatic directorial debut, Bitter My Tongue, was given the Audience Choice Award at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival. In 2005, inspired by the creative potential of digital media, Kokotovich renewed his focus on still imagery. His current work draws on his hard-earned technical mastery of media, and reflects his unrelenting, exuberant, experimental spirit.