"The flawed and the incomplete have become more interesting that the ideal"
During the last five years my painting has focused on my impression of both a sense of place and human attachment to the land.  I have used a continued interest in history, social culture and memory to explore the imprint of society on nature in a variety of locations. More specifically I'm interested in what is abandoned, neglected and left behind as part of the landscape.  
These remains, which become the subject matter for my paintings, generally cease to exist for their original purpose. Tested by time they take on a whole new meaning. Just as much a 'marker' as any purpose-built structure, they question the traditional, inadequate definition of ‘monument’.
In part this is a reaction to present-day society's capacity to discard rapidly and constantly seek the new.  The flawed and the incomplete have become more interesting than the ideal.  I am aware that my work is also a form of self-examination - a search for alternatives that define my experience and allows for an ongoing exploration through the studio process.