“Life's biggest mysteries and wonders, such as birth, love, transformation and faith fascinate me and are often the focus of my work"

​Throughout my journey as an artist I have been interested in reflecting on life's biggest mysteries in my art pieces. I Am Who I Am; Heaven Falls to Earth by Flowers; Blessing Hand; Buddah Garden; Banishment from Paradise; Exodus; How to Imagine the Trinity and Icon are a few titles of my art pieces. A significant characteristic of my artistic language is the use of line, exploring it's full potential; it can be read as fragile or convincing. This dynamic potential of line enables me to translate my thinking process and emotions and to layer and express various meanings and conceptual themes. I am most intrigued by the idea of delivering the message of the complexity of life and how everything is not necessarily as it seems. Life's biggest mysteries and wonders , such as birth, love, transformation and faith fascinate me and are often the focus of my work.

2017-2018 has been a breakthrough period for me on a personal and professional level. As I was going through emotional healing and transformation I received a grant from Edmonton Arts Council, which supported the creation of this new series of paintings. This work advances my interest in reflecting on some of life's biggest mysteries: the mother-child connection (Inconceivable Weaving), the fragility and strength of the human heart (Opening), our ability to rise after 'trauma' and to reconstruct/rebuild oneself (God Particle), to find a new balance in one's life (Pendulum), manifesting new hope and freedom (Expansion) and the beautiful potential of intimate exchange (His/Hers).

Visually and conceptually, the main objective for this series was to find a new voice, which would allow me to merge my artistic identity as a Ukrainian soul, with contemporary aesthetics. My cultural code is a mix of iconography, Ukranian folk ballads, formal European art school training and a modern painting practice. I aim to establish a harmonic balance between the abstract nature in my paintings with a storytelling and narrative component. The use of colour as a symbol or as a visual guide that delivers a certain message is one of the key elemants that describes my 'new voice'. The juxtaposition between three-dimensional painting techniques and flat (decorative) and graphical shapes allows me to tell a story in an indirect manner. I strive to create a dialogue with the viewer to stimulate their imagination to enter the subject matter where they can process and formulate their own unique story about the work.