"His distinctive swooping cloud patterns and rolling hills, together with a complex color palette and uninhibited technique, are expected to captivate his public again and again"
 Forward by Andra Ghecevici, MA
Matthew Petley-Jones is an accomplished professional artist whose paintings are characterized by the powerful vibration induced through broken-down forms and a distinctive interplay of colors on the canvas. His developed style can best be described as sensual and instinctive. his intense love of nature comes alive through expressive brush strokes captured within heavily applied coats of paint. Colors are bursting all over his canvas with the most natural energy.
Petley-Jones' art is always an enthusiastic statement of vehement feelings and sensations that natural open spaces can deliver to his artistic sensibilities. Consequently, his paintings disclose to us viewers, the personal expressions of an artistic vision and understanding of the consuming act of painting fed by nature's capacity to inspire. As a continual exploration and dialogue with physical and visual concepts of space and color, the paintings often seem to disctate a bold visual field to the optic nerve entertaining, at the same time, the perfect match between message and form. In his landscapes, the verge between land-water-sky dissolves almost completely, reminding us of a long walk from earth to heaven; and that is exaxtly what this artist performs when laboring on his large scale canvases-it is as if there, in his studio, he sets off in search of the metamorphic moment of transformation from flesh to spirit, trying to capture the life of the mind and heart together as a mix in every drop of paint used and with every methodological decision made. Exceedingly dynamic motions of  his brush, swaying between land and sky, invite the viewer to move back and forth within the material and spiritual depths of the works. This is a quality inherent to all his paintings whether they are a reference to atmospheric conditions or to the movement of brush over the canvas, a philosophical questioning of states of existence, or an aesthetic rendering of color field imaging.
The painterly faculties - vibrations of the ground yet sapient, synthetic understanding of nature - mark every Petley Jones brush impression. He achieves thick layers of paint leading to a varied density and intensity in the appearance of the surface. As we sink into a complete emersion in the power of nature and into a massive wall of rushing paint (in which the color itself seems to tremble and govern) we learn that it is with this independent life of form and complex pigmentation that artist Petley-Jones creates physical and spiritual life.