“Painting is as essential as breathing to me.”
Everything I see has to be interpreted onto canvas.  I have a special love for oil paints and occasionally use other mediums. Oils, for me, easily create the rich textured colors I build on my canvas. I am essentially an oil painter of landscape.
I am an impressionist and like to leave ‘lost and found’ for the viewer to interpret. This is how I personalize my art. I work with a limited palette mixing my vivid colors and subsequently create beautiful colored grays as well. These grays help in achieving a strong sense of light and mood to which I am most attracted.
My work shows a connection to the land and nature. Raw, rugged, natural places are especially prominent. Human elements are limited as I feel we need to remember the land as it is.
Being able to express myself on canvas is important. In achieving a successful painting, I work to create feelings that will touch a viewer’s heart.  Because my paintings are about feelings and as one lingers to study the piece, they will be able to “feel” the expression of the painting.