E x h i b i t i o n s / S c r e e n i n g s / P e r f o r m a n c e
upcoming: Glenbow Museum and Nickle Galleries, Calgary, Made in Calgary 2000's, group show
Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Arizona, Ten-in-One, group show, September 2014 - January 2015
The New Gallery, Calgary, United Congress Reconvenience, September 2014
Beakerhead, Calgary, 150 foot mechanical horse installation, September 2014
Nickle Galleries, Calgary, Made for this Place, Leighton Centre group show, June 2014
Tresor Gallery, New Orleans, ongoing group shows from April 2014
AXIS Contemporary Art, Calgary, It’s a Good Thing You’re Pretty, solo show, September 2013
Pophouse Project, permanent public art installations on private residences, Calgary, 2013
MOCA, Calgary, Olympian Heights group show, June 2013
AXIS Contemporary Art, Calgary, Errata Slip Milksnakes, solo show, October 2012
Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ, Fortune Favors the Bold, group show, August 2012
Sugar Cube Window Gallery, Festival of Wrongheadedness, solo show, December, 2011
Memphis International Film Festival, March 2011, Calgary Underground Film Festival, April 2011, Lago Film
Festival, July 2011, Short Toronto Indie Film Festival, August 2011, I LIked You Better Before, short
film based on my “Mobile Surgical Beautification” artmobile performance, Directed by Michal Lavi
Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, Carved and Feathered, solo show, February 2011
Elevation Gallery, Canmore, It Came From the Sky, two person show, November 2010
Judith Racht Gallery, Chicago, group show, September 2010
Parlor Gallery, New Jersey, Made Out of Beautiful, group show, July 2010
Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, Honey, Why Are You So Sweet? solo show, February 2010
University of Lethbridge Gallery, Snap, Crackle, Pop, group show, January 2010
Bluebottle Gallery, Seattle, BUSKER solo show, December 2009
Asbury Lanes, NJ, Ladies First (international female Pop artists) group show, November 2009
AXIS Contemporary Art, Calgary, Take Me To Your Leader solo show, October 2009
Pravus Gallery, Phoenix, Ladies First group show, October 2009
Stratus Gallery, Banff, City and Celebrity: Bees and Brawn (with Bee Kingdom) July 2009
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, one of four Contemporary Artists in Residence July 2009
The Works Festival, Edmonton, featured artist June - August 2009
Vancouver International Burlesque Festival group show, May 2009
La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, Everything But the Kitschen Sync group show, March 2009
Front Gallery, Edmonton, You Don’t Listen Too Good, Do Ya? solo show, February 2009
Argyle Gallery, Halifax, Repixx group show, November 2008
The Art Gallery of Calgary (AGC), Masterpiece 2008 group show and curated auction, October 2008
JEM Gallery, Vancouver, Honky-Tonkin’ Honey, Baby solo show, August 2008
One Blue Wall, Calgary, Remnants group show, June-July 2008
IDEAL Gallery, Calgary, Kitschykoo group show, May 2008
Marquee Room, Calgary, Some of My Favourite People are Dead group show, November 2007
Portrait Estate, Calgary, Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner solo show, October 2007
Museo Poco, Calgary, PM22 and SPECTRE installations August-September 2007
Uppercase Gallery, Calgary, Topical Ointment solo show, May 2007
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Hybrids group show 2005-2006
RM II, Naked Soul group show, October 2005
Uppercase Gallery, Apple, Best in Show, and Monstrosity group shows, June, Sept. and Nov. 2005
One Minute Happiness Gallery, Tanzerpudel installation, June 2005
University of Lethbridge Gallery, A Few of my Favourite Things (with M. Dlouhy and A. Inglis) Oct 04-Jan 05
Dalgleish Gallery, Calgary, group show, 2003
Sugar Estate, Calgary, The Super Modern Tragic Beauty Show, group show, 2003
The New Gallery, Calgary, Talentless Amateurs Scathing Revue showdown with Wax Mannequin, 2003
Estate Gallery, Calgary, Red Shoes group show, 2002
Fairytales, Calgary, Waterfall (animation, 1999)
EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society, & Herland Festival, Calgary, Jerry Merry Holy Story (video, 1999)
Native Friendship Centre, Calgary, group show, 1998
Vicious Circle, Calgary, solo show, 1997
Provenance Gallery, Calgary, group shows, 1996
Auburn, Calgary, solo show, 1996
Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, West meets West group show, 1995
Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary, group show, 1994
MyxdMedia, Calgary, group show, 1994
The New Gallery, Calgary, solo show collaboration with writer Suzette Mayr, 1993
ACAD Video Library, Robert and Frank selected by Carol Taylor-Lindoe, 1990
Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Field Hockey United Congress performance, 1989
I n d e p e n d e n t a r t m o b i l e s a n d a r t s a l o n s
Museo Poco (display window gallery on 17th Avenue SW, Calgary) 2007 - 2010
renamed: Sugar Cube (with Angela Inglis and Jane Grace) 2011 - 2012
renamed: La Fenêtre November, 2012 - present
Small scale interdisciplinary project space which has hosted numerous events including Brooklyn artists Stephanie
Rothenberg and Suzanne Thorpe’s The Zero Hour Interactive performance in conjunction with M:ST 4
Bambi Media Machine (Artmobile in a 1962 Airstream Bambi) 2009 - 2011, southern Alberta
Debuted in August 2009 with the Mobile Surgical Beautification Unit performance and film “I Liked You Better Before”
Sugar Shack Winter Art Salon (with Angela Inglis and Jane Grace) 2009 - 2010, Calgary
Turn-of-the-century “cottage” in residential area of NW Calgary used as an interdisciplinary project space and art salon
Debutante’s Ball (Oct 2009), Nursies (Nov 2009), Paper Jam (Dec 2009), Love Shack (Feb 2010), DioramaRama! (March
2010), God Show 2: The Resurrection (May 2010), Genderblender (June 2010)
The National Portrait Gallery Inc.’s Portrait Estate (six month artist-run storefront museum project with Milo Dlouhy
and Angela Inglis) May 2007 - November 2007, Calgary
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (October 2007) • John's Little Storefront Ministry (September 2007) • Shauna Kennedy -
Leopard Print Panties, Uniform Man, and Big Teeth in Green Suit (August 2007) • GOD Show (August 2007) • I Like
Beuys - Performance (August 2007) • Portrait Estate Exhibition & Stampede (July 2007) • United Congress Propaganda
(July 2007) • Posthumous Rembrandt Self-Portrait ca.1670 (July 2007) • Gilmore Hanko - The Blind Painter (July 2007)
Maximum Capacity Performance (June 2007) • PM22 (June 2007)
Sugar Estate Art Salon and Museum of Oddities (700 sq ft former warehouse in downtown Calgary) with Milo Dlouhy
and Angela Inglis: April 2003 - November 2004, Calgary
Patented Rotary Duplicator, the Lapidary Pastiche Project, July-September 2004 • Utopia’s Stations / Protovision / Orbit,
June 2004 (Tom Andriuk diorama with video projection, Joe Kelly audio/video installation, Amy Sallenbach objects) • Old
Man Show, March 2004 • Lullaby Baxter Cabaret, December 2003 • Tempestuous Mesomorphs and The Location of Your
Whereabouts, November 2003 • Surrealist Literary Salon, November 2003 • The Super Modern Tragic Beauty Show, October
2003 • Sugar Estate hosted the Canada Council Calgary meeting October 30 • Talentless Amateurs Scathing Revue
and Lucid performance, September 2003 • The Idea of Meaning, curated for Calgary Allied Arts Foundation, September
2003 • FIASCO, 1st Annual Festival of Wrongheadedness, August 2003 • Laura Kavanaugh & Ian Birse performance,
June 2003 • The Carbon Family, June 2003 • BIC INK, May 2003
Sugar Gallery (300 sq ft gallery and art salon in the Grain Exchange Building in downtown Calgary) Nov ‘01 - June ‘02
Sugar Smut Show, May 2002 • Bird of Paradise, April 2002 • Cubaism, April 2002 • Lewd Did I Live, and The Sissy Brown
Film Festival, April 2002 • Who is Going to Walk Me Home spoken word performance, March 2002 • Light Show, March
2002 • The Not Exactly as Shown Show, February 2002 • Runnin’ Around Lookin’ Pretty, February 2002 • Fiji Mermaid,
February 2002 • Sweaty Betty, January 2002 • Lick Your Stitches, December 2001
Sugarmobile (artmobile in a vintage 1935 silver trailer) March 2001 - November 2002, Calgary
Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Wish You Were Here, Oct 2002) • Estate Gallery, Calgary (group show, Sept
2002) • Calgary Folk Festival (group show, July 2002) • Stride Gallery, Calgary (Battleship Identifier, June 2002) • Art
Gallery of Calgary, May 2002 • Carpenters Hall, Calgary (group shows, August- Sept. 2001)
m e d i a
Interviews on CJSW Radio and CBC Radio Sounds Like Canada, articles in FFWD, Vue Weekly, Swerve Magazine,
The Calgary Herald, The Edmonton Journal (27/02/09, 27/05/09, 21/06/09), The Edmontonian, Avenue Magazine, WHERE
Calgary, Xtra, and Alberta Views magazine. Woodcuts featured in The Globe and Mail Sept 25 and Oct 4, 2008, radio3
CBC blog, cover of The Antigonish Review Vol 39, cover of The Dusty Springfield Poems, Freehand Press, 2008, woodcuts
featured in the Old School and Shatner Show books, Uppercase Press 2008. Profile in Galleries West (Fall/Winter 2009) and
Uppercase Magazine (October 2009), featured in The Beat Generation, The Seven Deadly Sinners, goodEGG Industries,
Orange Girl, Printeresting, San Francisco Art & Design Lover, Sideshow World, tbpdesign blog, RAPT Magazine, Lines and
Colors, Dangerous Minds, Lost at E Minor, Vancouver Straight, Beatdom, The Cheesecloth Variations, Trendhunter, VEER,
Kitschykoo!, Cherry Bombed, Bluebottle blog, and ATOM Graphics.
H o n o u r s • C o l l e c t i o n s • g r a n t s
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant for the 150 foot mechanical horse installation, 2014
Cenovus purchase for permanent collection Bison Trio, 2013
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant for the Pay-it-forward Pophouse Project, 2013
Festival Hall commission for permanent installation of thirty woodblocks, 2012
Work selected to be featured on the Saatchi website for their 100 curators /100 days project
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant for the Wrongheaded Portrait Series, 2011
Shortlisted for the 2011 E.A.R. Award for outstanding contributions to the visual arts community in Calgary
University of Lethbridge Gallery, five woodcut blocks purchased for the permanent collection, 2010
Shortlisted for an AMPIA award as Best Art Director for “I Liked You Better Before” 2010
City of Calgary Parks, woodcuts commissioned for banners to celebrate 100 years, 2011
Fort Calgary, woodcuts commissioned for banners, 2010
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant for “I Liked You Better Before”, June, 2009
Calgary Civic Art Collection, Sam Livingston, April 2009, and Untitled, February, 2011
City of Calgary Bridge Banners, woodcuts printed on 160 banners for display on 7 bridges Feb - Sept 2009
Alberta Foundation for the Arts, three woodcuts purchased for the permanent collection, July 2008
E d u c a t i o n
Video Production EMMEDIA (Calgary, AB) 1999
Multimedia Design and Communications Applied Multimedia (Calgary, AB) 1998–1999
Fine Arts ACAD, Drawing (Calgary, AB) 1987–1990