Primarily a self taught artist, I approach my artwork through a combination of inspiration and intuition. My paintings express the relationship between individuals and individual moments from this life around me.  The beauty, complexities and wonder of nature and the landscape, the people and places where I live and visit, the color, shapes and texture I encounter on a daily basis are the source of my inspiration.
Each piece may start with an initial plan or sketch, but it is during the process of discovery and exploration where the most successful and engaging works can happen.  With encaustic it is the smell, feel, touch and the joy, magic and erratic nature of the wax that allures me. Oil, is rich with depth and color, opaque, luminous, full of texture and allows those beautiful brush strokes to depict a form or object.  Light and Shadow has always intrigued me, capturing light is exciting and inspiring. Wire is tangible and physically demanding at times, but allows the representational beauty of the line to appear depicting this structural form.
To evoke a memory, a thought, an emotion with the viewer is a delight and inspires me to continue to create and share.