"Provocative figures expanding our inner consciousness."
The beauty, grace and symmetry of traditional figurative sculpture has always called to me.  It is my school and my obsession.  My language is the figure and I feel the need to comment on the human condition, sometimes distorted by demons, and other times enchanted by all that is pure within us.
I have renewed my relationship to the human form. It has undergone a metamorphosis from silent conformity, where the rules and proportions are tantamount to a partial figure where the human condition becomes of primary importance. I want to stretch the canons of classical realism by giving beauty another voice that challenges socio-political norms.
My aesthetic ideals have evolved: solid yet ephemeral, perfection transformed into the beauty of the imperfect.  I speak of spirit and courage, of heritage and of imperishable strength.
Today I challenge the traditional figure, creating a characterization of the Spirit; a metaphor to our inner world that might encourage us to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves.  Consciousness, as a philosophical concept, can lead us many places, from the empirical world of the cognitive sciences to a theoretical one, where psychology attempts to provide the answers.  It is my intention to reach into the 21st. century using sculpture to transcend disciplinary boundaries between the physical bodies in bronze and the self-knowledge and understanding of the ethereal realm that is our internal landscape.
Inspired by the strength of humanity, I seek a metaphor to celebrate life.