Throughout his life, nature and art have played a significant role in Andrew’s development as an artist. Although educated as a wildlife biologist, he always found the interplay of color, form and light fascinating. This became the overriding factor in his decision to devote all his time to art.
Born in Warsaw, Poland, this Canadian artist spent the major part of his life exploring and studying Canadian landscapes. Andrew presently resides in Edmonton and landscapes of Alberta and B.C. are predominant in his work.
From his early childhood Andrew showed keen interest and promising ability in art. In high school he was taught by an excellent art teacher who gave him a solid grounding in skills and techniques, as well as a great deal of encouragement. While studying biology at the University of Warsaw, Andrew also found time to work on his art under the guidance of artist friends. Later, he took several extension courses at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.
Since his early university years, Andrew illustrated books and magazines, as well as numerous scientific works on wildlife and natural history. He is himself an accomplished natural history writer and natural photographer.
It is fair to say that Andrew is basically a self-taught artist. For most of his life he studied the works of European and North American artists. Among the many artists whose mastery he draws upon are Turner, Constable, Liljefors, Homer, Sargent and Rungius, Schatz and Portfliet. All the various influences play their role in Andrew’s creation of a distinctive style of painting readily identifiabe as his.
The essence of Andrew’s work is his deep appreciation and love of the natural world. He sees animals as inseparable elements of the natural landscape. In his art, emotional response, mood and atmosphere take precedence over photographic imaging. His fascination with light finds expression in the luminosity of his work. The mystique of misty dawns and dusks are his forte. He works primarily in acrylics on canvas or Masonite, although he has been known to use oil, watercolor and pastels.
Since 1984 he has had a number of successful one and two man shows as well as many group shows. Four of his paintings have been reproduced as limited edition prints. “The Buffleheads” was published as the 50th anniversary print for Alberta Ducks Unlimited.
His works are in public (government), corporate and private collections in Canada, USA, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Australia and Japan.
Other art involvement included:
Teaching (Drawing and Outdoor Photography) at U of A Department of Extension (Fine Arts)
Participating in work of Provincial Fine Arts Grant Commission
Leading seminars for art group
Jurying art competitions