“I’m interested in the way that architecture can take on the personality of its surroundings the same way a worn pair of shoes can take on the characteristics of its owner. For me an old building or alleyway has a story to tell.”

Allan Thomas is a Fine Artist residing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.   Allan is an artist that works in Realism. He finds inspiration from the everyday buildings that surround us. Areas normally taken for granted and otherwise overlooked are recreated in exquisite detail, engaging the viewer and inviting them to find beauty in the mundane.
Allan works from his own source material and has been called a photorealist because of the attention to detail he puts into each work, a term he shrugs off for Allan's objective is not to emulate a photo or trick the eye. He generally works from two or more images for one piece and doesn’t follow the source material per batten, correcting photographic distortions, editing and working intuitively Allan strives to pull out the essence from the image in a way that recreates his initial memories and incites he felt at the moment of inspiration.